Breaking Down Information Industry Segments

There are all sorts of sectors of business information.  It rather depends on what  you want to find out – may seem rather obvious but with consultants and suppliers specialising in so many aspects, it pays to work out what info you seek before starting.  Business information comes from a very wide variety of sources and an effective business manager will research all kinds of  themes before taking hasty actions.  In fact it is only one of three main segments of the business industry, educational and training is another important sector and lastly, technical and medical.  Spoken information, being face to face has always been the foremost way to communicate with anybody, not just work wise.   The persons being informed are able to absorb the information immediately without scope for misunderstanding.  However, as with every method, there are limitations – time and budget constraints mean it is these days far less cost effective or practical to meet every information provider or buyer in person.